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what if ...

users made the
strategic decisions
in your strategy?
data was the origin
of creativity?
campaigns were
created by AI?
we designed
communication with
an engineer’s mindset?

Let’s explore

engineered communication.

“we decode tomorrow’s audiences to create valuable experiences.”

exofarer is an innovative agency concept centered on engineered communication. It is a new approach to design communication with an engineer’s mindset.

our approach
engineered communication

engineered communication is our answer to the increasing complexity of communication; users’ future needs can only be mastered with an engineering mindset and intelligent tech support.

Our approach combines the most innovative methods and disciplines from science, engineering, product and software development and applies them to communication.

engineered communication infographic

our expertise


Your brand, marketing, and PR not only shape the user experience; they are pivotal to driving business growth.

We align your business goals with your users’ needs and apply behavioral design to create authentic and valuable experiences.


Modern product and software development already benefit from short development cycles and frequent test intervals.

We bring agile development competencies and methods to the world of communication.


Digital technology constantly simplifies and shapes our future.

We take digital innovations beyond the hype by creating future-proof experiences for tomorrow’s audiences that exceed expectations.


Data proficiency is no longer optional for intelligent product and communication design.

We blend science and creativity
and translate data into compelling stories.

our services

digital & Innovation Strategy

Exploration & Prototyping

User Experience Design

Web-, App- & Servicedesign

Interface & Interaction Design

Web & App Development

Data Mining & Processing

Data Analysis & Visualization

Research & Decision Support

Machine Learning & Personalization

Curious about how an engineer’s mindset can create value in your communication?

our mission is to
constantly challenge
to create innovative
and valuable

Martin Rawski & Miriam Stanitzek

exofarer is a story of exploration.

It’s a story of finding fresh approaches that meet our customers’ increasingly complex challenges in smarter, more efficient, and more credible ways.

We are not a conventional agency – but a culture of expertise and enthusiasm. We firmly believe in data and how it can accelerate ambitions. It’s why we fuse creativity with an engineering mindset and scientific accuracy, decoding tomorrow’s audiences and creating meaningful user experiences.

This is engineered communication.

we are exofarer

we are explorers, driven to uncover new knowledge and solutions. Driven to find better ways of thinking and collaborating. We are excited about what the future will bring, and we head into uncertainty with a confident and playful outlook. We are pioneers, never afraid to experiment with different things. We are genuinely fascinated by the world.
we are catalysts, relentlessly active and intrinsically motivated in everything we do. We love to drive things forward and embrace our work with a sense of determination, passion, and urgency. We believe obstacles and challenges are opportunities to discover exciting ways of doing things. We believe in learning and growing. We have an entrepreneurial mindset.
we are engineers with an unwavering belief in science, insights and data. We strive to give you the truth – unvarnished, unexaggerated, and evidence-based. We believe in experimenting, making mistakes, and constantly learning. We are always thinking about the next frontier: the ideas and methods yet to be discovered. We relish a good challenge – and love it when it fights back.
we are rebels, believing that rules are meant to be broken and boundaries are meant to be crossed. We are unafraid to rock the boat. We believe in rejecting norms, leaving comfort zones and pushing into the unknown – that’s when truly amazing ideas are born. We resist conformity and believe disruption is vital to innovation.
we are real people and down-to-earth. Everything we do is human-centric – because we work with humans to create solutions for humans. We believe that empathy is essential to truly understand what people need. We value everyone’s perspective and celebrate our differences. We embrace change. When we design new solutions, openness and inclusivity are two of the most critical things in our toolkit.

become an exofarer

we are a non-traditional agency for non-traditional thinkers.

Whatever your background or expertise, if you want to challenge conventional communication and make things that create value, we should speak.

Data & software engineer
Data & AI Strategist
Data Analyst
frontend developer
fullstack engineer
ux designer
ux researcher
digital consultant
Data & software engineer
Data & AI Strategist
Data Analyst
frontend developer
fullstack engineer
ux designer
ux researcher
digital consultant

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